Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (R) maintained another private e-mail account for most of her tenure in office, , in addition to her official government account and the Yahoo account she used frequently, the documents released Friday show.

E-mails that passed between private accounts are not included in the release; only e-mails that passed through the state server in some fashion were captured. The release shows e-mails between Palin at an account and her aide Frank Bailey at

The existence of the third e-mail system was first reported by The Washington Post in October, 2008. At that time, Bailey told the Post that the accounts had not been used “in a long time.”

Meghan Stapleton, a spokeswoman for the McCain-Palin campaign, also told The Post that the separate accounts were set up to divide state business from personal business.

However, the e-mails show Palin and Bailey using accounts as late as Sept. 8, 2008, mixing personal and professional matters.

Palin used it that day to forward an email from then-Lt.Gov. Sean Parnell (R), who wrote to say that he would like to be involved in the development of her legislative agenda, adding, “I see it as necessary for a more seamless transition months from now with the VP potential you have.”

Palin forwarded the e-mail to office director Kris Perry, budget office director Karen Rehfeld and chief of staff Michael Nizich, saying, “Confidential that I forwarded Sean’s e-mail to you- but pls read and connect w him.”

Palin also used the account in July 2008 to discuss the indictment against then-Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska).

Officials at ITS Alaska, the company that set up the accounts for Palin in 2006, could not say when the e-mails ended. They could only confirm that the accounts no longer exist.

The e-mails show some concern with the collection of private e-mail systems. “I am bothered by what I perceive as an unnecessary paranoid reaction by some people on staff to the recent attacks on you,” staffer Tara Jollie wrote in August 2008. “Abandoning e-mail practice for example.”