Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s e-mails show constant discussion and concern about how she is portrayed in the media, on matters big and small.

On Jan. 28, 2007, she wrote staffers to encourage them to speak to the press. “There was a quip in this morning’s ADN [Anchorage Daily News] re: a ‘ban’ from me on anyone voicing their opinions on matters before us. … Since this is totally false, and leaves me at a loss as to how a reporter would have ever received word of something that is the opposite of what I’ve expressed to all of you, I’ll clarify again what has already been expressed by me as my desire to see you all have the freedom to communicate with the public and the press in any and all manner you deem appropriate. … I will write to the ‘Ear reporter and clarify for her also.”

Palin also expressed concern that she did not have the time to personally monitor and respond to coverage. On Feb. 20, 2007, she wrote that she “will try to carve out time in the day to more fully scan news clippings and try to catch some of the talk shows via internet, but so far I haven’t even found an extra minute to be able to tune into the shows unless I’m ... driving in my car.” She told staffers: “i need folks to really help ramp up accurate counter comments to the misinformation that’s being spread out there.’

Around the same time, Palin suggested that it was a waste of time to obsess over comments about her and her administration.

After reading a blog post about her on the Anchorage Daily News Web site on Feb. 13, 2007, Palin wrote staffers, “It was another offensive blog entry. … Looking at that blog was also my reminder to NOT waste my time and energy peeking at it to find out what’s on reader’s mind.”

Palin continued to keep a very close eye on the press.

In response to a July 26, 2007 letter to the editor printed in the Anchorage Daily News complaining that Palin did not meet with Miss Alaska, the governor wrote staffers, “I’m looking for someone to correct the letter writer’s goofy comments, but don’t want the letter to the ADN in response to come from me.”

On July 30, 2007 she told staffers she would personally “pen a response” to a “negative letter to the editor" in the Anchorage Daily News about a military picnic.

On July 15, 2008, she wrote, “Can someone flag the lie in the blog ‘sexy highway talk among governors’ that claims [son] Trig was in the fender bender with me -- and he wasn’t in a car seat on my commute. Sheeesh. I WISH ADN would follow up on that one (as the blogger asks ADN to do)so that I can put that rumor to rest...Rumor is Walt reported me so I fired him. What an idiot blog entry, very easy to counter with the truth when half a dozen APD cops responded and witnessed no Trig in vehicle.”