A few early, random findings from the release Friday of 24,000 e-mails from Sarah Palin’s time as governor of Alaska:

On Aug. 2, 2008, she wrote to a government official that the day her fifth son, Trig, was born, should count as a work day.

“How is it reflected in my TAS the couple of days I was ‘off duty’ when I had Trig?” she wrote. “April 18, the day he was born, I signed a bill into law and conducted a few State actions (and that should be recorded for the record).”

On Feb. 12, 2007, more than a year before she stepped onto the national stage, it appears she had already started developing her complicated relationship with the press. In a note to her close advisors, she writes that she regretted having looked at some unfavorable press on the Anchorage Daily News Web site.

“It was another offensive blog entry. And it sure leaves me puzzled as to the rumors that are able to spread like wildfire. Kind of makes my stomach turn over,” she wrote. “Looking at that blog was also my reminder to NOT waste my time and energy peeking at it to find out what’s on readers minds.”

And on Sept. 16, 2008, in an e-mail string on other matters, Patrick Galvin, Palin’s commissioner of revenue, proposed an idea. “My suggestion to you is you offer to go on SNL and play Tina Fey, and you interview her as she plays you.”

A month later, she did appear on “Saturday Night Live” — but that particular idea never found its way into a skit.