Gov. Sarah Palin’s chief of staff tried to balance Palin’s wish to reduce her time in Juneau with her staff’s desire to get her out in public talking to Alaskans.

Palin had told her aides she wanted to cancel a visit to a Kensington mine from a business trip that involved staying longer in the state capital.

“I knew that you would be concerned about the number of days in Juneau so I thought of a solution,” chief of staff Michael Tibbles wrote of his plan. He had merged two other events into one day and urged Palin to visit Kensington to speak about a recent court decision on mining. “You could head back to Anchorage that night the next day, giving you an extra day to get out in the public.”

Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell also encouraged Palin to get out in public, including visiting with state employees.

“You’re probably already doing it, but showing up for staff meetings (even in Juneau while you’re there) for a 10-15 minute thank you talk and to shake hands is huge to the average employee,” Parnell wrote to Palin in April 2007. “I’m going to try to do more.”

In one e-mail, Palin thanked her scheduler, Kari Spencer, for what appeared to be arranging gift baskets to victims of an April 2007 Juneau fire on her behalf.

“Ahhhhh. It’s over,” Palin wrote. “You really know how to put out fires. Thank you. ”