Stacey Abrams, the Georgia Democrat who narrowly lost her race for governor in 2018, said Wednesday she believes a woman or a minority candidate will win the Democratic presidential primary next year and said she is considering her own bid.

Appearing on “CBS This Morning,” Abrams said the country needs to “start evolving what the face of leadership looks like.”

Her comments come amid speculation that she is being considered as a running mate for former vice president Joe Biden, a white male, who appears on the cusp of announcing his candidacy.

A Biden spokesman last week dismissed rumors of “a pre-cooked ticket” as false, and during Wednesday’s interview, Abrams said she and Biden had talked but that serving as his running mate “was not the core issue.”

Appearing later Wednesday morning on ABC’s “The View,” Abrams said she is “open to all options,” including her own White House bid.

“I do not know if I’m running. I’m thinking about everything,” Abrams said.

She suggested that if she runs for president, it would not be with the aim of winding up as someone else’s choice for vice president.

“I think you don’t run for second place,” Abrams said.

Abrams also addressed the lingering controversy that has dogged Biden over his handling of Anita Hill’s sexual harassment allegations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991.

Biden, who oversaw a hearing on the issue as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, offered a fresh apology Tuesday night at an event in New York, saying he regretted that “I couldn’t come up with a way to get her the kind of hearing she deserved.”

On “The View,” Abrams called Biden “a lovely man who’s done a great deal for our country” but said it was not clear whether his apologies will be enough.

“Whether we think he has taken sufficient responsibility will be determined as the process continues, but I think he’s begun the process appropriately by saying, ‘I know there’s pain, and I want to respond to that pain,’ ” Abrams said.

Abrams rose to national prominence as the nation’s first African American woman to run on a major ticket for governor. Both Oprah Winfrey and former president Barack Obama campaigned for her in Georgia ahead of her loss to Republican Brian Kemp, an outcome that took days to finalize amid allegations of voter suppression.

“I think that the success I had in our election transforming the electorate, the work I’ve done as a business leader, as a civic leader, as a political leader positions me to be just as capable of becoming president of the United States as anyone running,” she told CBS on Wednesday. “My responsibility, though, is to make sure I’m running for the right reasons and at the right time.”

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) is trying to recruit Abrams to run for the Senate next year.

Abrams said Wednesday that the Democratic presidential nominee next year should have an inclusive vision for the country.

“Everyone wants to be seen, and the best politicians are the ones who can bring people together, not by pretending we all have the same issues, but by recognizing the obstacles that some of us face and the opportunities that all of us want,” she said.

Abrams has remained in the public spotlight since her defeat, including delivering the Democratic Party’s rebuttal to President Trump’s State of the Union address in February.

She has also formed a group called Fair Fight Action that advocates for “free and fair elections.”

Vanessa Williams and Colby Itkowtiz contributed to this report.