A Democratic consultant in Texas has formed a new “super PAC” to work against Texas Gov. Rick Perry in his Republican bid for the presidency.

Texans for America’s Future, which filed papers with the Federal Election Commission on Monday, was founded by Jeff Rotkoff of Austin, who worked in Washington for former Texas congressman Chet Edwards.

Rotkoff said in an interview Wednesday that the group is just getting off the ground.

“We’re going to make a decision about whether we can effectively engage in a presidential campaign and help make sure Americans know the real story about Rick Perry,” Rotkoff said. “We believe he’s been bad for our state and worse for our country.”

Each of the top-tier presidential candidates already has at least one super PAC working on his or her behalf. But Texans for America’s Future, whose formation was first reported by The Hill, may be the first super PAC to solely focus on opposition to one of the major GOP presidential candidates.

More than 150 super PACs have emerged as a major force in U.S. elections in the wake of a 2010 Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate and union spending on elections. The groups are allowed to raise and spend as much money as they wish as long as they do not directly coordinate their activities with candidates or political parties.

Rotkoff previously worked with a state-level PAC called Back to Basics that ran ads supporting Democratic candidate Bill White in the 2010 Texas governor’s race.

There are several pro-Perry super PACs that have filed papers with the FEC in recent months, including Make Us Great Again PAC, which was co-founded by longtime ally and former Perry chief of staff Mike Toomey. The group aims to raise $55 million or more in support of Perry’s candidacy, according to media reports.