Ukraine war fatigue? The U.S. shows very little (yet?)

Billions more in aid, NATO offer for Sweden, Finland

By Olivier Knox and Caroline AndersMay 20, 2022

Can states outright ban abortion pills? It's unclear.

Conservative states might try that next, if Roe falls.

By Rachel Roubein and McKenzie BeardMay 20, 2022

Can philanthropists help fuel a global clean energy transition?

“What’s happening in philanthropy cannot make up for where there are government policy failures,” says one climate advocate. But "it can help show the solutions.“

By Brady Dennis and Vanessa Montalbano May 20, 2022

Ransomware payments spiked 70 percent last year

Government is focused like never before on ransomware, but it’s still wreaking havoc.

By Joseph Marks and Aaron SchafferMay 20, 2022

Clyburn: 'We still refuse to admit that we have a race problem in this country'

In today’s edition … The new New York congressional map is expected to be finalized today and things could get more tense among Democrats, if that's possible … Colby Itkowitz and Rosalind S. Helderman look at how Pa. officials are girding for November as Donald Trump falsely assails another election … Amy Gardner on Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger reelection race and how after standing up to Trump, he's now courting his voters … but first …

By Leigh Ann Caldwell,  Theodoric Meyer and Tobi RajiMay 20, 2022

A Tale of Two Ukraine Wars

NATO cheers, food crisis fears

By Olivier Knox and Caroline AndersMay 19, 2022

How the GOP assault on social media flipped net neutrality on its head

Republicans, who oppose common carrier rules for telecom, learned to embrace them for tech.

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferMay 19, 2022

The U.S. may be in a silent covid surge

The true case count is probably much higher than we know.

By Rachel Roubein and McKenzie BeardMay 19, 2022

Ryan Zinke makes his 'energy dominance' pitch to Montanans

Ryan Zinke, who led the Interior Department under Donald Trump before resigning under a cloud of ethics investigations, has a good shot at winning Montana's new House seat.

By Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano May 19, 2022

Lawmakers want to get tougher on cyber adversaries

A Texas Republican and a Michigan Democrat both say the U.S. can punch back harder.

By Joseph Marks and Aaron SchafferMay 19, 2022

Trump uses Pa. primary to continue effort to undermine electoral system

In today’s edition … President Biden is heading out on a trip to Asia where he will try to reassure allies he is still committed to leading a coalition to counter China … Poll Watch: The Senate is poised to clear $40 billion in aid for Ukraine on Thursday. What do polls tell us about where American stand on all that funding? … The Senate next week plans to take up a domestic terrorism bill that the House passed Wednesday night… but first …

By Leigh Ann Caldwell,  Theodoric Meyer and Tobi RajiMay 19, 2022

Asia-bound Biden gets welcome news on Russia-China trade

But U.S. concerns remain about Beijing’s stance on Ukraine

By Olivier Knox and Caroline AndersMay 18, 2022

Meta's Clegg: Facebook’s rule book won’t work in the metaverse

In an interview, the exec calls virtual safety a "philosophically, technologically and legally different phenomenon."

By Cristiano Lima and Aaron SchafferMay 18, 2022

In West Virginia, the clean-energy transition rests on Manchin

To truly understand Manchin's concerns about President Biden's climate and social spending bill, it helps to travel to West Virginia and talk to his constituents about clean energy.

By Maxine Joselow and Brianna TuckerMay 18, 2022

State attorneys general would play a big role in a post-Roe world

Some Democratic AGs are already taking action against abortion bans.

By Rachel Roubein and McKenzie BeardMay 18, 2022

Government’s finally getting its own cybersecurity in order

CISA’s expanding its ability to find and fix cyber bugs

By Joseph Marks and Aaron SchafferMay 18, 2022

In tough Senate races, Democrats shift away from centrists and toward progressive and diverse candidates

In today’s edition … Pennsylvania's GOP Senate primary is still undecided … Rep. Madison Cawthorn loses his re-election bid … House Democrats strike a deal on domestic terrorism bills following Buffalo shooting… but first …

By Leigh Ann Caldwell,  Theodoric Meyer and Tobi RajiMay 18, 2022

What McDonald’s, Renault, Sweden, and Finland have in common

They’re all signs the rift with Russia over Ukraine will last

By Olivier Knox and Caroline AndersMay 17, 2022

Inside Facebook's political advocacy group

Facebook has come under pressure by lawmakers in Washington. But the company has a loud and aggressive defender: American Edge, a Facebook-funded political advocacy group that has launched a full-throated advertising campaign to fight back.

By Aaron SchafferMay 17, 2022