The 202s

Active duty and partisanship don’t mix. Or shouldn’t.

Industry-linked groups are reigniting those concerns during a key legislative stretch.

Expect disagreements as FDA advisors debate merits and downsides of boosting immunizations.

Democratic election officials want $20 billion for security upgrades over a decade.

And pro-impeachment GOP Rep. Anthony Gonzalez won't run again in 2022.

The Facebook ads from the No. 3 House Republican were placed ahead of a rally in Washington supporting those charged over the Jan. 6 insurrection.

There may be lessons as lawmakers probe Jan. 6 riot, Afghanistan.

Some Democrats wanted a whole new agency. They found compromise on supercharging the FTC.

But proposals to make CHIP funding permanent and boost post-partum benefits could easily get cut.

Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers subpoenaed personal information about all the state's voters.

And Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema go to the White House.

On China and Iran, Gen. Milley tried to hem in ‘crazy’ president.

The Wikimedia Foundation's soon-to-be CEO Maryana Iskander says dealing with harassment is key.

Three Democrats are bucking the provision and a fourth could sink it.

That means U.S. officials must look elsewhere to stem the tide of attacks.

And Gavin Newsom is projected to win in California's recall.

Fauci says ‘you should be vaccinated’ to fly but the Biden administration has yet to officially agree.

'The Republican Party needs to change and to be honest with you, I'm the poster child for change. A little joke there but it's what they need to do,' Jenner told us.

The nominations could heighten scrutiny of how technologies may exacerbate racial and ethnic disparities.

Congressional Democrats just have too many other health priorities.

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