President Trump on Friday claimed that 94 percent of Republicans approve of the way he is handling his job, a figure significantly higher than recent public polls have found.

“94% Approval Rating within the Republican Party. Thank you!” Trump wrote in an early morning tweet that did not cite the poll to which he was referring. White House and campaign aides did not respond to questions about his tweet.

Recent nationally representative polls have found that Trump’s job approval remains high among Republicans but not as high as he claimed.

A Monmouth University poll released Thursday found 84 percent of Republicans approve of Trump’s job performance, while an AP-NORC poll found that 79 percent do. His highest recent approval mark among fellow Republicans was 88 percent in a Fox News poll of registered voters earlier this month.

Trump’s claim of 94 percent approval among Republicans is also higher than in a Zogby Analytics poll released earlier this month that Trump has touted. That firm, whose surveys do not rely on a random sample of U.S. voters and whose pre-election polls have often been inaccurate, put Trump’s approval rating among Republicans at 86 percent.

Later Friday morning, Trump tweeted a finding from that poll that 51 percent of likely voters overall approved of the job he is doing. Zogby polling has generally been more favorable to Trump than others; almost all public polls this month have found Trump’s overall approval rating in the low-to-mid 40s.

The Monmouth poll released Thursday found Trump’s overall job-approval rating to be 40 percent among adults overall and 41 percent among registered voters, while a recent Fox News poll found it to be 43 percent among voters.

While polls have shown Trump to be popular among Republicans, Democrats overwhelmingly disapprove of the job he is doing.

In the Monmouth poll, only 3 percent of Democrats said they approve of the way Trump is handling is job, while Fox News poll found that 7 percent approve.

Among independents, 41 percent approve of the way Trump is handling his job, according to the Monmouth poll. The Fox News poll found that 34 percent do.

Emily Guskin contributed to this report.