Former president Donald Trump will be questioned Monday at Trump Tower by attorneys for a group of protesters who claim Trump’s security guards assaulted them on a New York sidewalk in 2015.

Benjamin N. Dictor, one of the attorneys, said the questioning would begin Monday morning.

“I will be conducting the examination of Donald Trump under oath, at Trump Tower,” Dictor said in a written statement. “We look forward to presenting the video record of his testimony to the jury at his trial.”

The questioning is related to a lawsuit in state court in the Bronx, filed by four men of Mexican descent who were protesting outside Trump Tower in 2015. They wore Ku Klux Klan suits and carried signs protesting Trump’s remarks about Latinos during his first presidential campaign.

The men say Trump’s security guards emerged from the building, grabbed their signs and pushed them. One of the plaintiffs says that Trump’s then-head of security, Keith Schiller, struck him in the head with his fist.

Schiller has said that he was trying to clear the sidewalk and that he struck the man only after being grabbed from behind.

Trump was not present during the confrontation. But the plaintiffs sued him anyway, saying that these were his employees — and that his campaign-trail rhetoric gave the impression that they could use force against protesters.

The testimony that Trump gives Monday could be used in a future trial, though no trial date has been set in the case. The case has been delayed by court fights over whether Trump should be forced to testify.

An attorney for Trump did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.