Former president Donald Trump’s company reported making $10,577 in profits from its business with foreign governments in 2020, a steep decline from the totals during the first three years of his presidency.

The Trump Organization announced that figure in a letter to the Treasury Department dated Jan. 19, the last full day of Trump’s presidency. The letter was accompanied by a check for $10,577 to the federal government.

The letter and the check were released on Thursday by the Biden administration.

Trump made similar donations in previous years, in keeping with a pledge to donate all profits from doing business with foreign governments and foreign political parties. In the past, these transactions have included parties hosted by foreign embassies at the Trump hotel in Washington, and stays at that hotel by foreign officials visiting Washington.

“It’s our great honor, to once again, voluntarily donate profits from foreign government patronage at our hotels and similar businesses . . . to the United States Treasury,” Trump’s son Eric said in a written statement.

As in other years, the company did not provide details about how it calculated the donations.

These donations were one way Trump tried to assuage fears that foreign governments might seek to influence him through his business. Some critics had asserted that Trump was forbidden from doing business with foreign governments at all, citing a clause in the Constitution that says presidents may not accept “emoluments” from foreign states.

Several groups sued Trump, seeking to block these transactions, but the cases became mired in legal fights about who had the right to sue in the first place. When Trump’s term ended, the cases were dismissed, leaving most legal questions unresolved.

In previous years, the company had reported much higher foreign profits: $151,000 in 2017, $192,000 in 2018, and $105,000 in 2019. The 2020 figure was down by 90 percent from the year before.

The Trump Organization did not respond Thursday to questions about the reasons for the decline in 2020.

One likely reason for the drop was the pandemic, which dramatically reduced both travel and large ballroom gatherings worldwide. In recent filings, Trump’s company said that its revenue had declined by more than $120 million in 2020, including sharp drops at its D.C. hotel.

At one point during his presidency, Trump seemed to have set his company up for a huge increase in foreign government revenue in 2020.

In 2019, he chose his own Doral resort, in Miami, to host the next year’s massive Group of Seven Summit of foreign leaders. That would have brought hundreds of aides, security personnel and journalists to the struggling resort near the Miami airport.

But, after an outcry, Trump reversed himself and said he would hold the event at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland. In the end, the summit was canceled because of coronavirus.