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House Democrats have enough votes to impeach Trump, according to a Post analysis

Members of the House Rules Committee on Dec. 17 established parameters for the House debate of two articles of impeachment against President Trump. (Video: The Washington Post)

A majority of House lawmakers have said they plan to support at least one article of impeachment against President Trump, as the president railed against the process in an extraordinary letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

No Republicans have said they will break ranks in the full House vote, which is expected Wednesday.

In his six-page letter to Pelosi, Trump accused Democrats of “declaring open war on American Democracy.” Pelosi later sent a letter to House Democrats urging them to join her in voting to impeach Trump.

The developments came as the House Rules Committee was meeting to set the parameters for the historic debate expected Wednesday over whether the president’s conduct toward Ukraine violated his oath of office.