President Trump on Friday lashed out anew at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), claiming she had made “a fascist statement” the day before when she criticized him for saying he was open to accepting opposition research from a foreign government.

“It’s a fascist statement. It’s a disgraceful statement,” Trump said during an interview on Fox News. “I call her Nervous Nancy. She’s a nervous wreck.”

Pelosi spoke out Thursday about Trump’s comments on foreign opposition research, echoing other Democrats who said that what Trump told ABC News showed he had learned nothing from the investigation of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III into Russian election interference in 2016.

“Yesterday the president gave us once again evidence that he does not know right from wrong,” Pelosi said, adding: “I believe that he has been involved in a criminal coverup.”

Her latter comment referred to the Trump administration’s limited cooperation with House investigations related to whether Trump obstructed Mueller’s probe.

“For her to make a statement like that is outrageous,” Trump said during his call-in interview with “Fox & Friends.”

Trump also complained about the congressional investigations being conducted under Pelosi’s watch, suggesting they were too onerous.

“Isn’t it amazing that constantly every day somebody gets a letter,” Trump said. “‘Come into Congress, come into Congress.’ It’s like death through a thousand wounds. And I will tell you it’s so unfair what they are doing.”

During the interview, Trump also repeated his contention that it isn’t always necessary to notify the FBI if a foreign government offers damaging information about political opponents. He said if he received information that is “incorrect or badly stated” he would certainly alert the attorney general or FBI.

Trump said that he is in a difficult position because he has many conversations with foreign leaders.

“We have many, many conversations,” Trump said. “And I’m just thinking, gee, if they say, ‘We don’t like your opponent,’ am I supposed to put the president of France, am I supposed to report him to the FBI?”

Trump later suggested that foreign entities were not likely to pass along opposition research to him in any case.

“Nobody is going to say bad things to me,” he said. “They know I’m a straight player.”