President Trump, in a Tuesday morning tweet, touted an uptick in the percentage of Americans who view the Republican Party favorably — but overstated the GOP advantage over Democrats on that count.

The president cited a new Gallup poll that found that 45 percent of Americans now have a favorable view of the Republican Party. That is the highest figure in Gallup polling in seven years, as Trump correctly noted in his tweet.

But Trump also asserted that the GOP figure is “3 points higher than Democrats!”

The poll actually found that 44 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the Democratic party — a margin of one percentage point.

In any case, the findings are good news for Republicans.

Gallup reports that only one other time in the last decade has the Republican Party had a significantly higher score than the Democratic Party.

That was in November 2014, after midterm congressional elections in which Republicans took control of the Senate and expanded their majority in the House.

At that point, Republicans had the edge in favorability, 42 percent to 36 percent.

Emily Guskin contributed to this report.