President Trump said late Sunday night that he wants to set up a meeting with Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer about conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border following the New York Democrat’s tour of migrant detention centers that he called “inhumane.”

Trump called for a meeting “ASAP” in tweets that came two days after Schumer and a group of U.S. senators toured several detention facilities.

“Senator Chuck Schumer has finally gone to the Southern Border with some Democrat Senators. This is a GREAT thing!” Trump said. “Based on the comments made by Senator Schumer, he must have seen how dangerous & bad for our Country the Border is. It is not a ‘manufactured crisis,’ as the Fake News Media & their Democrat partners tried to portray. He said he wants to meet. I will set up a meeting ASAP!”


In his tweets, Trump also referenced “a large group of Illegal Immigrants trying to enter the USA illegally.”

“They wildly rushed Border Patrol. Some Agents were badly injured,” Trump said.

He was apparently referring to an incident Friday morning at the Pharr International Bridge, which crosses the Rio Grande at the city of Pharr, Tex. Customs and Border Protection said that 47 undocumented immigrants rushed the bridge to try to enter the United States on Friday.

Following his tour of migrant detention facilities on Friday, Schumer decried the conditions that he and other Democratic senators saw.

“It’s been a very, very difficult day,” Schumer told reporters. “To see these people, particularly the children, treated in such inhumane conditions, just tears at your heartstrings and really makes you feel awful.”


“It’s awful, the conditions these people are placed in,” he added.

Schumer also called for passage of a Democratic-authored bill called the Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act.

Late last month, Congress passed a $4.6 billion emergency spending bill for the humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border. The measure pumped billions of dollars into the budgets of agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services, that have been overwhelmed by the influx of Central American migrants at the Southern border.

Trump has continued to blame Democrats for overcrowding at detention centers and called for changes to asylum laws and other immigration policies.

Several of Trump’s past attempts to work with Democrats have not led to any legislation.

In May, he angrily walked out of a White House meeting he convened on the nation’s infrastructure, insisting he would not work with Democrats unless they abandon their investigative inquiries into his businesses, presidency and personal finances.