President Trump lashed out anew Monday at the special counsel’s investigation into Russian election interference, saying that if it continues much longer it could “wrongly” affect this year’s congressional elections.

“Is this Phony Witch Hunt going to go on even longer so it wrongfully impacts the Mid-Term Elections, which is what the Democrats always intended?” Trump wrote on Twitter, adding: “Republicans better get tough and smart before it is too late!”

The president’s tweet was one of several on Monday addressing the Russia probe, coming a day after his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani said the president had agreed to let his legal team handle the issue so that he could focus on international affairs and other pressing matters.

In a pair of earlier tweets, Trump claimed the investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and Russia was “rapidly losing credibility” and that courts would expose conflicts of interests of federal prosecutors, whom he derided as “Angry Democrats.”

While complaining about the “Russian Witch Hunt,” Trump also suggested he was heartened by “a Court System in place that actually protects people from injustice.”

That seemingly was a reference to a federal judge in Virginia, who on Friday sharply questioned the motivations of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s fraud prosecution of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager. The judge, T.S. Ellis III, said it appeared aimed at getting Manafort to provide evidence against the president.

“The 13 Angry Democrats in charge of the Russian Witch Hunt are starting to find out that there is a Court System in place that actually protects people from injustice ... and just wait ‘till the Courts get to see your unrevealed Conflicts of Interest!” Trump wrote.

It was unclear what the president meant by “unrevealed conflicts.” In the past, he has accused Mueller — a lifelong Republican — of stacking his team with Democrats. Trump also has frequently lobbed attacks against judges after rulings that challenge his policies on immigration and other issues.

In his tweets, Trump asserted again that his campaign had not colluded with Russians and that he had not obstructed Mueller’s investigation.

“How about Obstruction for a made up, phony crime,” Trump wrote. “There is no O, it’s called Fighting Back”

Trump’s Monday morning tweets followed a weekend meeting with Giuliani at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., to discuss developments and legal strategy.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Giuliani said Trump had “made a deal” with his legal team about the Russia probe.

“He stays focused on North Korea, Iran and China, and we stay focused on the case and we’ll bother him when we have to,” Giuliani said.

Robert Costa contributed to this report.