Washington Post journalists won two Sigma Delta Chi awards recognizing “excellence in journalism,” the Society of Professional Journalists announced Wednesday.

David A. Fahrenthold, who documented government dysfunction in a series of stories for The Washington Post, won in the Washington correspondence category.

His stories outlined how budget cuts from 2011 had little real effect, the way public suggestions to save the government money rarely were implemented and why there are so many different kinds of military camouflage.

Fahrenthold also won the Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for his coverage of Congress last year.

Todd Lindeman, Wilson Andrews and Julie Tate were recognized with the informational graphics award for “The Black Budget,” a thorough and illuminating exploration of the budgets for U.S. intelligence agencies.

The winners were selected from among 1,800 entries from last year in categories ranging from newspapers and magazines to television and online reporting.