In this edition: Democrats have some ideas, the non-Bidens avoid talking about him, and a few elections end in predictable (but important) fashion.

Trump suggests former FBI officials committed treason

President Trump on May 23 suggested former FBI officials James B. Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page committed treason.

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New Monmouth University polling shows that they also are much more likely to back Biden.

Alan Dershowitz, a law professor who has regularly gone on television to declare the president’s innocence from charges of obstruction of justice, wrote a letter to the White House requesting the pardon.

Obama alumni are outraged by the announcement that she won’t go on the $20 bill anytime soon.

Democratic presidential candidates praise Barack Obama in glowing terms. But most are running on a very different agenda.

Armed with misleading claims, the president seeks to take a Democratic rival down a notch.

The president angrily shuts down infrastructure talks after Pelosi accused him earlier in the day of managing a ‘coverup’ in probes of his conduct and administration.

The former Texas congressman has turned to cable television to help jump-start his presidential campaign.

Trump says he is ‘being played’ by Democrats on infrastructure. Let’s go to the tape.

President Trump on May 22 said he viewed Congress as a coequal branch of government but slammed them for discussing impeachment.

President Trump on May 22 defended Donald Trump Jr.’s 2016 meeting with a Russian promising ‘dirt’ on former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The job appears to come in response to Trump’s desire for an immigration “czar,” although the former Virginia attorney general’s role is expected to be more limited.

DeStefano is expected to advise a number of companies, including Juul, while helping on the president’s reelection campaign. Knight is expected to move on to an unspecified job in the private sector.

The Judiciary Committee’s move comes amid growing outrage among Democrats about the Trump administration’s resistance to congressional probes.

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