In this edition: Kavanaugh slogs, Democrats win the primaries, Kathy Griffin re-emerges in attack ads, Mike Bloomberg misses Charlie Rose.

Why Republicans are on the defensive this election

With predictions of a "blue wave" on the rise, The Washington Post's polling director Scott Clement breaks down the signs pointing to a difficult election for the GOP this fall.

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Will Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination survive?

The Fix’s Aaron Blake analyzes what to watch for as the Senate Judiciary Committee barrels toward a hearing with Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh and the woman who accused him of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford.

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President Trump on Sept. 18 touted Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh's "unblemished record," and said that Democrats sprung the allegation of sexual assault on him "all of a sudden."

The journalist, whose publication is banned in China, stepped into a restricted area as the president was leaving a ceremony in the East Room.

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Ten years after the financial crisis, both Obama and Trump claim credit for an economic turnaround, but the data suggests the former — not the latter — steered the economy out of free fall.

Asked about allegations against Kavanaugh, the former vice president says one should assume ‘the essence of what she’s talking about is real.’

Republican officials fear that an impulsive statement from the president could hurt the Supreme Court nominee and the party amid sexual assault allegations.

FEMA Administrator William “Brock” Long on Sept. 16 echoed President Trump’s remarks about how many Puerto Ricans died from Hurricane Maria, saying figures are “all over the place.”

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Obama knocked President Trump for a decline in the number of insured Americans, but he used a cherry-picked number. Other surveys show little change.

At a campaign event for Ohio Democratic Senate nominee Rich Cordray, the former president said Republicans won in 2016 but are “still mad, which is interesting.”

The president’s lighthearted visit to San Juan in the wake of Hurricane Maria now reminds some of Bush’s ‘mission accomplished’ and Katrina moments.

In a speech in Washington, the former vice president, who has not shut the door to a 2020 White House bid, also took aim at “this phony populism and naked nationalism.”

Former vice president Joe Biden spoke at the "Building a Higher Wage America" summit on Sept. 13, and said that higher wages are the "ultimate antidote" to President Trump's "phony populism."

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The conservative radio host says the government and the media exaggerate reports of the strength and danger of hurricanes to prove that man-made climate change exists.

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