The internal White House battles are detailed in a report released Tuesday by the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

The program would cost $70 billion a year, or about $700 billion over 10 years, according to an analysis provided to Warren’s office.

The hire will elevate a longtime Pence loyalist to one of the top spots in the administration and marks the first time an aide who left the Trump White House has returned to work in a West Wing known for its chaotic environment and staff turnover.

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Sanders's criminal justice platform will include legalizing marijuana, ending cash bail throughout the United States, and abolishing private prisons.

The revelation by Trump attorney Rudolph Giuliani that the president repaid Cohen prompted ethics officials to press the president’s lawyers about the payment.

While declaring a national emergency for border wall funding, Trump spoke about a conversation he had with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Comments ranged from a “gross abuse of power” to a “political fight worth having.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) said Feb.15 the country’s judicial system could set precedent if Democrats take President Trump’s national emergency to court.

For years, President Trump slammed President Barack Obama for his reliance on executive actions and for his inability to make “deals.”

Each time President Trump turned down money for his wall, he ended up with less money than he started with.

The president has not had any major changes to his health status in the past year, according to a memorandum signed by his doctor and released by the White House.

Is there anybody who isn’t crying when they meet President Trump?

The former vice president has pondered multiple runs for president over decades in a process of extended angst.

There are few things that President Trump won’t blame former president Barack Obama for.

Apparently, scores of “big, strong” men keep crying in front of President Trump.

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