Federal health officials are telling states to be ready to “pre-position” doses in key locations around the country once a coronavirus vaccine is approved.

Speaker cites litany of differences in letter to Treasury secretary days ahead of election.

Congress fails to deliver even as economic, health care conditions worsen amid pandemic’s continued toll.

The request from HHS is the latest example of efforts to use government scientists to advance the president’s political objectives. CDC career scientists are pushing back.

The House speaker cited progress in talks, but Republicans say the treasury secretary is capitulating to the Democratic leader.

The new guidance is likely to have the biggest impact on schools, workplaces and other group settings since more people are likely to be considered at risk.

The guidance was issued following pressure from the airline industry and amid surging cases of coronavirus in the United States and strong evidence on the effectiveness of masks in curbing transmission, according to CDC officials.

New stimulus deal depends on whether administration recognizes the need to do what it takes to "crush the virus," House speaker says

The House speaker indicated that if no agreement can be struck by then, it will not be possible to produce a new relief deal by the election.

Within weeks of the gathering that drew nearly half a million bikers, the Dakotas, along with Wyoming, Minnesota and Montana, were leading the nation in new coronavirus infections per capita.

“I’d say at this point getting something done before the election and executing on that would be difficult, just given where we are,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.

"With all due respect, you really don’t know what you’re talking about," the House speaker told CNN host Wolf Blitzer.

House Democrats and Senate Republicans simultaneously indicate they could not support the latest coronavirus relief package from the White House, suggesting the chances for a deal before the election are growing extremely remote.

The path to a final agreement remained unclear.

Several White House staffers and administration officials expressed anger and bewilderment that the White House had not undertaken a more robust contact-tracing effort sooner.

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