Hillary Clinton: 'Seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than Michelle Obama?'

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton praised first lady Michelle Obama at a rally in Winston Salem, N.C., Oct. 27, and told Republican rival Donald Trump that he should learn from her.

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The Trump-loving commentator is apparently getting news from a Canadian satire site.

Many journalists are lamenting how they were used by Trump.

Yes, Trump is right that he would've been verbally crucified for saying the same thing. But it's partially his own fault.

"You know when he's Mr. Tough Guy? When he's standing behind a microphone by himself,” the Republican nominee said of the vice president.

Once again, Trump operates outside the bounds of political norms.

Nothing in the emails released Tuesday by WikiLeaks and cited by Trump demonstrates that Obama knew about Clinton's server.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said President Obama "had to know" Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton used a personal email server while serving as secretary of state, and is "caught up" in the scandal, while speaking at a campaign rally on Oct. 25 in Sanford, Fla.

Politics is always personal.

Why Donald Trump is likely to lose, in a nutshell.

In an election that has put American Muslims under the spotlight, three voters from different parts of the country reflect on how the political rhetoric has affected them.

Clinton is taking about as few white voters there as Obama did.

He called his opponent’s position on the Syrian conflict “the plans of a child.” Earlier, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Trump “aggressively disrespects” women voters.

Gallup data offers a reminder of how tough Trump's electoral position is.

A look at levels of support over the past three cycles.

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