Why Michael Flynn’s sentencing delay matters

The Fix’s Aaron Blake breaks down what the sentencing delay for former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn means.

In this edition: Democratic candidates enter the tier-garden, Sherrod Brown talks GM and 2020,  Gov. Phil Murphy talks gerrymandering, and primaries, primaries, everywhere.

Opinion | Russia’s disinformation campaign against the U.S. is intolerable

Russia is waging an information war on the United States, according to a new report prepared for the Senate.

The Trump administration wants to avoid a partial government shutdown and has found other ways to get the border wall money it wants, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Tuesday. Sanders’s comments come four days before large portions of the federal government will begin shutting down unless Congress and Trump reach a budget deal. The two sides […]

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Democrats have made more than a dozen attempts to obtain President Trump’s tax returns over the past two years. Now back in the majority, they may be poised to finally see them.

The president has not informed his GOP allies on Capitol Hill what he might support in the impasse over his desire border wall.

Democrats tried 17 different times to obtain President Trump’s tax returns over the past two years. Now they may finally get them.

With a government shutdown looming, Democrats and Republicans dug in on Dec. 16 over funding for President Trump’s proposed wall along the southern border.

The senator from Maine declined to endorse the president's 2020 reelection bid.

At Arlington National Cemetery on Dec. 15, President Trump opined on the federal judge’s ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.

The announcement came after nearly a week of jockeying in which several possible picks turned down the job.

The Texas congressman told constituents Friday that he hopes to give more thought to his future after he is done serving in Congress.

Spokesman Hogan Gidley called on Congress to “disincentivize” migrants from making long treks to the U.S. border.

White House national security adviser says U.S. foreign aid will be conditioned on benefits to the United States as well as recipients.

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