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The last 5 U.S. presidents take the oath of office

The oath of office is administered to each president during inauguration ceremonies, marking the official beginning of the new administration.

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Most of Obama's staff moved out of the White House a day before Donald Trump was set to move in.

President-elect Donald Trump made remarks at a campaign donors dinner in Washington ahead of the inauguration where he thanked supporters and said he "outworked" the other candidates running for president.

The president-elect visited Arlington National Cemetery, toasted his Cabinet and celebrated with thousands at a Lincoln Memorial concert.

Aide says it will be ‘less of an agenda and more of a philosophical document’

President-elect Donald Trump remarked on the weather forecast for his inauguration on Jan. 20. Trump said, "I have a feeling it's going to be beautiful", but rain is expected in the forecast.

President-elect Donald Trump attends a concert on the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial on the eve of his inauguration.

On the eve of his inauguration, President-elect Donald Trump lays a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery.

Partisanship has spiked, and partisanship colors how America views the president.

During a luncheon at Trump International Hotel on Jan. 19, President-elect Donald Trump proclaimed his affection for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), saying that he is "starting to really, really love Paul" and that they are "doing very well together."

Congress is poised to undo key environmental and labor rules soon after Trump’s inauguration.

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Donald Trump doesn't read a lot of books. Proudly.

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