Lawmaker from the Bronx is one of four freshmen, all women of color, attacked by President Trump this week.

If nominated and confirmed, Scalia would succeed Alex Acosta, who resigned over his role as a prosecutor in the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Emotional responses from across the country show some voters outraged and others overjoyed by the president’s latest polarizing act.

The president and his allies may have aimed for plausible deniability — but his supporters seemed to understand exactly what he meant. 

An ad created by the party claims that a group of minority Democratic congresswomen wants "anarchy."

In this edition: Julián Castro’s long game, the Biden-Sanders health-care wars, and the 37-dimensional chess of Trump and the “squad.”

The Minnesota Democrat argued that the president’s call for her to “go back” to her country is aimed not just at her but at all those who come from a similar background.

The two North Carolina Republicans’ divergent responses to the chant at Wednesday’s Trump rally in their state underscore how the president’s attacks on four minority congresswomen have roiled the GOP.

Trump waited a full 13 seconds — literally until the chants stopped.

Trump was the first to say Omar should go back to her country. At the rally, he waited 13 seconds for the chants to die down. Then he kept talking about Omar.

There were 11 calls in two hours as Michael Cohen tried to silence Stormy Daniels's allegations.

Several in the GOP sought to walk a fine line between criticizing the chant and supporting the president’s efforts to turn Somali-born Omar and three other minority lawmakers into the face of the Democratic Party.

A running list, which keeps growing.

The senator from New Jersey spoke of love, unity and justice at a Washington Post event. Many Democrats have wondered if that’s enough to take on Trump.

The undercurrent goes back 50 years.

Trump supporters remind America of just what their vision of a great America is.

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The president is changing the Republican Party and accelerating a political realignment.

House Democrats got as close as they've ever been to impeachment on Wednesday, and it wasn't close at all.

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The EU’s antitrust enforcer announced it would launch a formal probe into Amazon.

The president’s “evidence” of Rep. Ilhan Omar's anti-Americanism remains nearly nonexistent.

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