Trump on Wednesday renewed a threat of unilateral action on a payroll tax cut.

At least 1,500 FBI headquarters staff will relocate to $1.1 billion Huntsville campus while Washington-area plan flounders.

His comments come as negotiations continue on Capitol Hill, but the parties are far apart.

The administration has shared limited and often confusing information about its strategy, making it difficult for overwhelmed state and local officials to plan.

Establishment Republicans fear a Kris Kobach win in Kansas on Tuesday would cost them the seat in November in a state that hasn’t elected a Democratic senator since 1932.

The election will take place Nov. 3 as planned, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said.

The apparent walkback is the latest turn in a Republican National Convention planning process marked by tumult and uncertainty.

His press secretary interviewed a believer. His official ads include QAnon references. His top aides post QAnon memes.

President Trump’s latest promise comes three months before the presidential election and at a time when Trump’s Republican allies in Congress may least want to revisit an issue that was a political loser for the party in the 2018 midterm elections.

The president is picking a fight with the fast-growing video-sharing app that is immensely popular with young people, many of whom have shared viral videos — some mocking Trump.

While the president courts chaos, campaign officials are scrambling to mount a fresh case for his candidacy on the fly amid a deadly pandemic and foundering economy.

Some 20 million workers are losing $600 in weekly unemployment benefits today, and the White House and Democrats in Congress are blaming each other.

Since then, the president’s businesses have been slammed by the pandemic, with many staying closed for weeks.

The couple reported a minimum income that went up at least $7 million from the previous year, in part from companies they own that hold residential and commercial properties.

Local and state agencies take over security, but some U.S. officers remain close by.

Emergency petitions and the health of Ruth Bader Ginsburg have kept public attention on the court since its finale weeks ago.

A lower court had said the use of military funds was unlawful, and environmentalists had asked for construction to stop.

The city’s government said the delay of legislative elections scheduled for September was needed to ensure safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Former president Barack Obama called the filibuster a “Jim Crow relic” on Thursday.

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