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Follow the president-elect’s progress filling nearly 800 positions, among the 1,200 that require Senate confirmation, in this tracker from The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service.

President Biden announced a strategy to combat extreme heat, a silent killer fueled by climate change.

In an announcement last month, President Biden and top health advisers set the week of Sept. 20 as the start for a booster rollout.

Emanuel, Biden’s nominee for ambassador to Japan, has earned the hostility of many liberals during his long career. But some Senate Republicans say they will support his confirmation.

About 73 pleas, roughly 600 charged and dozens still jailed. Ahead of the Justice for J6 rally, a look at where the defendants stand.

In June, the United States purchased 500 million vaccine doses to be distributed by Covax, the World Health Organization-backed initiative to share doses around the globe.

The U.S. president is hosting a largely private meeting among leaders of nations that are part of the Major Economies Forum. It comes ahead of a high-profile United Nations climate summit in the fall.

Paris was so upset about the decision, which scuttled a French-Australian deal, it called off a gala commemorating France’s naval assistance in the Revolutionary War.

Biden’s pitch was part of a pivot away from the first chapter of his presidency, in which Washington and his administration were consumed by emergency funding measures to combat the pandemic.

President Biden, along with the leaders of the U.K. and Australia, unveil a new three-way defense alliance, which will be known as AUUKUS.

The idea was shelved after some aides worried it would be impractical to require proof of vaccination every time a passenger boards a plane. The debate reflects the pressure on Biden to weigh practical, political and economic factors in setting covid strategy.

A Washington Post survey of the 20 largest school districts found that few are offering robust coronavirus testing amid vague guidelines and a surge of cases that few anticipated.

The party confronts a narrow window to enact a once-in-a-generation liberal agenda. But its goals far outstrip the funding, and aggressive jockeying has started over whose priorities get jettisoned.

Biden deliberately stayed in the background as he participated in the anniversary of the attacks for the first time as the nation’s commander in chief.

Courts have asked whether the obstruction-of-Congress charge employed by the Justice Department is unconstitutionally vague. Defendants in at least eight cases have asked that the count be dismissed.

The FBI investigated why Army veteran Lonnie Leroy Coffman came so heavily armed to the Capitol on the day of the pro-Trump riot and whether he was working with others.

President Biden has portrayed the Afghan airlift as a mission to save heroes who aided America. But it’s more complicated than that.

Paul Hodgkins says his attorney misled and pressured him on his plea.

Phoenix man in face paint and horns ‘iconically and forever linked’ to Jan. 6 Capitol breach could face years in prison.

John M. Pierce, an anti-vaccine attorney representing 17 riot defendants, has courted controversy by fundraising millions, while calling Jan. 6 a government conspiracy. He is also an attorney for Rudolph W. Giuliani and briefly represented Kyle Rittenhouse.

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