Could Trump’s White House tapes ruse actually get him in legal trouble?

Some have raised the prospect of witness tampering. Experts doubt that, but say it could feed into the obstruction of justice case.

Sean Spicer banned TV cameras. Again. So we annotated his briefing. Again.

The White House restricted media access for the third time in five days.

CNN sent a courtroom sketch artist to cover a White House press briefing

Sketching Sean Spicer seems like another way to highlight his reluctance to speak on camera.


Trump accuses Mueller of bias in Russia probe

President Trump accused special counsel Robert Mueller of being biased in his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election in an interview on “Fox & Friends” on June 23.

Trump sent a very smart tweet before The Post’s latest Russia scoop

The president seemed to be priming his base by trying to reconcile contradictory ideas.