Kerry warns of ‘serious consequences’ if U.S. backs away from TPP trade pact

(Seongjoon Cho / Bloomberg)

The secretary of state aimed to raise the stakes of the debate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership after Trump and Clinton denounced President Obama’s signature trade deal.

Obama’s sweet ‘on the ballot’ revenge

Two years ago, he said it and it was a gaffe. Today, it’s something Democrats fantasize about.


Watch Michelle Obama's takedown of Donald Trump

At a rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia Sept. 28, first lady Michelle Obama attacked Clinton's opponent for his temper, his remarks about women and his questions about her husband's birth certificate.

Clinton accuses Trump of spreading ‘racist birther lie’

Trump said he did a ‘good job’ of getting Obama to release his birth certificate

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The president wore a ceremonial Native American hat on Monday — but not for too long.