Policymakers, urban strategists and industry innovators discussed and debated the tech advancements and policies that are shaping cities across the country.
    Program Highlights
    Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto knows that his push to introduce driverless Uber cars into his city is controversial, but believes that it’s a necessary risk. “There will be accidents," Peduto said. "There is trial and error with all innovation,” Peduto said Wednesday at The Washington Post’s The Switch: Connected Cities event. “We can’t let regulation catch up to innovation.”
    • Sep 28, 2016
    Dan Correa, Senior Advisor for Innovation Policy at The White House Office of Science and Technology, says the Administration is injecting a community focus into the $140 billion federal spend on research and development of smart city technologies and innovation. "There is a key role for industries, academia, and city leaders to sit at the same table to innovate," says Correa.
    • Sep 28, 2016
    Speaking to The Washington Post Wednesday, Rep. Suzanne Delbene, Chair of the Internet of Things Caucus, said the government needs to invest in putting together pilot programs to help inform cities about successful implementation and results. "Cities may not have the resources to experiment and they want to know if they implement something that it's going to work," Delbene said.
    • Sep 28, 2016
    David Zipper, Managing Director of 1776, a startup incubator in Washington D.C., told The Washington Post's Steven Overly that connected cities are best built by tackling “one small challenge at a time." Zipper advised policymakers and innovators to “start small to mitigate risk.”
    • Sep 29, 2016
    1:05 p.m. Cities as a National Priority
    Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.)
    Congresswoman Suzan DelBene represents Washington’s 1st Congressional District. She is a member of the House Agriculture Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. She was also was appointed to serve on President Obama’s Export Council, the President’s advisory committee on international trade.
    Daniel Correa
    Dan Correa is Senior Advisor for Innovation Policy at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. He has previously worked as an analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a Washington, D.C. think tank, where he authored reports on innovation, entrepreneurship, and broadband policy, which have been cited in publications including The Atlantic, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Correa has also consulted for the Connecticut Technology Council on state entrepreneurship policies and technology-based economic development. In addition, he has worked on several political campaigns.
    David Zipper
    David Zipper leads 1776’s work in the Cities and Transportation sectors, including venture investments into startups as well as strategic relationships with corporations, associations, and local governments worldwide.
    Moderated by: Steven Overly
    Steven Overly anchors and edits The Washington Post's Innovations blog, where he explores emerging technologies and groundbreaking ideas
    1:35 p.m. Making the Connection
    Mayor William Peduto
    Bill Peduto was elected to the office of Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh in the General Election on November 5, 2013. He has worked for 19 years on Pittsburgh City Council, as a staffer and Member of Council representing District 8, and resides in the Point Breeze neighborhood of the city.
    Interviewed by: Brian Fung
    Brian Fung covers technology for The Washington Post, focusing on telecommunications and the Internet. Before joining the Post, he was the technology correspondent for National Journal and an associate editor at the Atlantic.
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    Government leaders, business executives and security experts will discuss and debate top cybersecurity priorities at the sixth annual summit. The event will include a special report following the live conversation.
    • Sep 1, 2016
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