By the end of “Almost Famous,” our hero, a freelancer for Rolling Stone, has chased a rock band around the country, braving roadies, overdoses, a nearly-fatal plane ride and false comradeship with the musicians he is meant to cover. Back in his childhood bedroom, he finally scores an interview with the front man, played by Billy Crudup. “What do you love about music?” he asks.

“To begin with?” Crudup smiles. “Everything.”

That’s how we at PostEverything, which launches today, feel about ideas. Our world has dimensions and corners, subcultures within subcultures, peoples who abuse and worship it, unseen trends that shape it and too few polyglots to make sense of it. The only thing as large as this world is our readers’ curiosity about it.

We know that a great news organization — even one as broad-minded and accomplished as this one — can’t cover all that territory. A newsroom is a finite space. The conversation about ideas (the smartest thinkers, the sharpest perspectives on the news, the best personal essays) isn’t confined exclusively to The Post, or even to the Beltway. Never trust a monopolistic claim of intelligence.

So PostEverything — which you can find here, on The Post’s home page, and of course on Twitter — is an attempt to expand the conversation outward. Should we worry about the robot takeover of U.S. jobs? Ask an economist. What are some of the dumbest things people think about American foreign policy? Ask a political scientist. How do football teams draft prospects, what does it feel like to confess to atheism in a deeply religious place, is Russia really seeding Crimea with more Russian citizens, and how did university sexual-assault policies get to be so daft? Ask the people who are in a position to answer.

Already, The Post features freelance contributions, essays, news analyses and opinions. The Outlook section and the op-ed page are composed almost entirely of these. PostEverything will do more, and quickly, to surprise and delight, to inform and entertain and to satisfy your curiosity. Because what we love about this world, outside the walls of our 15th Street headquarters, is everything.