You knew it was coming: “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” (Industrial Light & Magic / Paramount)
Phoebe Connelly is the deputy director of video at The Washington Post. Connelly is also the video product owner at The Post, working closely with the engineering team to develop and manage a suite of custom internal and external-facing video solutions. Connelly joined The Post in 2013 from Yahoo! News.

This month, acknowledging that the film trailer is almost as tough a medium as film itself, we launched #TrailerCritic:

[P]onder what must go into the go into the trailer. This tiny version of the sprawling enterprise is supposed to encapsulate two hours of storytelling, entice without giving too much away and of course keep you entertained. The longer versions are two minutes; shorter spots can be just 15 seconds – 0.2 percent of a two-hour film’s run time. The act of winnowing is its own triumph. … The trailer itself is a medium worth celebrating, and paying attention to. Which is why Phoebe Connelly will devote several tweets each week, anthologized on PostEverything each Friday, to reviewing the form, and the movies they sell. Write your own trailer reviews with #TrailerCritic and we’ll feature guest reviews, too. [-ed.]

Now we return to review trailers from this week’s bit releases. Submit your own reviews for next week’s releases on #TrailerCritic.