The Washington Examiner’s Byron York offered up his observations about the state of the GOP 2016 race in Iowa before the weekend’s Freedom Summit. The foreign policy portions stood out:

Foreign policy has become as important as social issues, and that means people will listen to John Bolton. One simple sentence explains the new prominence of foreign policy in the race: It’s a dangerous world. With the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Paris attacks, the troubling resilience of terror networks, worrisome developments in Russia, the challenge of China — when all of those are combined with the sense that the Obama administration either doesn’t know what is doing or is badly misguided, or even worse, Iowa conservatives have become deeply concerned about foreign policy….
You know what Bobby Jindal said about Muslim “no-go zones” in Europe, a statement that resulted in Jindal being criticized and mocked by mainstream commentators? It turns out many social conservatives in Iowa really liked it. To them, Jindal was warning about the danger of enclaves of unassimilated Muslim populations in an age of Islamic radicalism, a problem they fear could be in store for the United States.

York is a good reporter, and Dan Balz and Robert Costa’s write-up of the day’s events in Iowa in The Washington Post confirm York’s observations:

There was a heavy emphasis on foreign policy throughout the day, and a similarity in the comments. Evident was a growing concern in GOP ranks about Obama’s response to recent terrorist attacks in Europe and unrest in the Middle East.

The hard-working staff here at Spoiler Alerts does like efficiency. So, based on this and other recent GOP statements about foreign policy, I thought I’d just cobble together the most red meat GOP foreign policy speech possible so everyone can be prepared for what’s to come. Bookmark this faux speech, and see whether any of the 2016 potentials will top this over the next six months:

[as delivered by unnamed 2016 GOP candidate]
My fellow Americans, we have to live in the real world, not the imaginary world that exists inside the Beltway and the Democratic Party. And that world has gotten increasingly unsafe over the last eight years. Russia has invaded two of its neighbors, making a mockery of the West in the process. China has repeatedly bullied its neighbors over some uninhabited islands — just imagine what the communists in Beijing would do over territory it actually considers valuable. Mexico is being consumed by drug violence and corruption, posing a threat to our southern border. The Middle East is burning, and the conflagration threatens to take down our allies in Europe as well.
Everything our greatest generation did to make the world a safer place is now under threat.
And what has President Obama done during the past year of worsening strife? This president has been unafraid of one thing, and one thing only — withdrawing American troops from countries so that they can fall apart even further. He has failed at being commander-in-chief.
He has also failed as America’s top diplomat. He’s warming ties with Iran and worsening them with Israel. He describes the sanctions in Russia as a victory. He surrenders any shred of moral authority to the Castros in Cuba. He won’t stand with the West in Paris, but he’ll cut short a visit with our vital partner in India to dash to Saudi Arabia for a funeral. This is the leader of a party that is so beholden to political correctness that no one in this administration can acknowledge the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism. No wonder all of our enemies want to do business with him.
For eight long years we have endured a president who does not really get America’s proper place in the world, and our interests and values have suffered terribly for it.  The world is getting scarier, and all this president and his party are prepared to do is put up a few sanctions and take away your right to bear arms.
And now, as we approach 2016, Barack Obama’s party is putting forward the architect of his first-term foreign policy to be its standard-bearer. Hillary Clinton laid the foundation for the situation that we find ourselves today, a foundation that has fallen apart like tissue paper. The isn’t a place in the Middle East that is more stable now than it was when she became Secretary of State. She managed the policies that have created safe havens for Islamic terrorists across the region. If this is what foreign policy “experience” produces, then we cannot afford any more of it.
If you elect me to the White House, I promise you that I will communicate clearly to America’s friends and our enemies.
No longer will strong allies like Israel or Poland worry that America doesn’t have their back.
No longer will sponsors of terrorism like Iran feel secure that America is ready to cut a deal for the sake of cutting a deal.
No longer will China or Russia feel comfortable that they can trap the United States in endless debates at the United Nations.
No longer will anyone doubt where America stands in the world. As president, I will make you feel safer by putting the fear of God into the terrorists plotting to destroy our way of life. I will restore America’s standing and respect in the world. I will return American foreign policy back to the traditions that have made this country great.
It won’t be easy — nothing this important ever is. But unlike our current president, I will not retreat from the challenge. Thank you, and God bless America.

Top that, GOP foreign policy speechwriters.