Will Dove is a designer, typographer and illustrator living and working in Washington, D.C.

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Cuba and America have a had a rough past, to say the least. President Obama’s historic visit to the island last week marks a major turning point in that story.

Decades of political and economic disagreement are finally being addressed, and I believe this is a move in the right direction. Cuba embodies both beauty and mystery. Though separated by only 90 miles, our nations seem worlds apart. In visiting Cuba, Obama has established an open discourse that will allow our countries to learn from each other. Both parties agree that it will take hard work to achieve normality, but that must be expected. In an address to the Cuban people, Obama called for improved human rights and political stability, while Cuban President Raúl Castro asked for the abandonment of Guantanamo Bay. There’s no doubt our differences are stark, but the willingness to mend is stronger than ever. Here’s to un nuevo día.