The winning team was comprised of three software engineers and a statistician.

Every answer to this year's Hunt puzzle was a number.

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Even Dumbo could answer these.

Some of this is jibberish. Some is jabberish.

You could win a million dollars! No? Half-million? No? Okay, $2,000.

Calling all competitive (and slightly weird) spirits. You could win a couple of grand.

A team that calls itself the "Boneless Chicken Cabaret" won the annual puzzle-filled scavenger hunt. Again.

The answers to those crazy questions.

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Five of these are real. Real tough.

On Sunday, May 31, you should be at Freedom Plaza. And prepare to be totally stumped.

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If you can’t answer these, you can’t find your way downtown, anyway.

The 2015 Post Hunt will be May 31.

The official rules for the annual Post Hunt

Mark your calendars! This year’s Post Hunt is a week earlier than usual: May 31.

On a day of puns, games and plenty of head-scratching, Boneless Chicken Cabaret wins again.

Answers to the 2014 challenge.

To begin the Post Hunt, answer these Opening Questions, then go to Freedom Plaza at noon, June 1

Neither Justin Bieber nor Michelle Obama will be at Post Hunt No. 7.

Thousands flock to downtown D.C. for the annual Post Hunt, which for the first time was won by one person.

The sixth annual WP Magazine Post Hunt took place on Sunday, June 2, 2013. Beginning in Freedom Plaza, Hunters wondered the streets of Washington, D.C., for the five clues that would ultimately reveal...

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