Dana Points, editor-in-chief of Parents Magazine, says American parents’ biggest worry is that there are not enough jobs. (WashingtonPostLive Production/Washington Post Live)

Dana Points

Editor in chief, Parents Magazine

Whether in the broader educational system or in your individual family, the opportunity to experiment and to fail is really important when it comes to building a creative mind.

When you don’t have the room to experiment and try lots of different things, when you aren’t encouraged to fail for the sake of just trying something crazy, you lose that creative energy. Brains are really malleable when they are young. I think it disappears over time. I’m not a scientist but I think creativity is going to be really important in the future.

I think that one of the things is that [many] parents these days are worked up about perfection. I think everyone needs to sort of relax a bit. It’s about time. It’s about talking to your baby. You see people with the earbuds when they’re with their children. I just want to say, “You know, as a mom of an 8- and an 11-year old, the time passes really fast. I don’t know what you’re listening to, but you could have a conversation.”

The number one worry [of parents in our surveys] does not directly have that much to do with children. It’s that there are not enough jobs. [For a typical middle-class parent], it costs $235,000 to raise a child from birth until they go to college — not including college.

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