Senator Bob Casey (D-Pa.) says, “We cannot allow this to be hung up on a funding question.” (WashingtonPostLive Production/Washington Post Live)

Robert P. Casey Jr.

U.S. Senator, D-Pa.

I think that every child is born with a light inside them, and we all, especially those of us who are elected, have an obligation to make sure they reach their potential.

In order to move forward [and expand early childhood education], we have to work very hard to get bipartisan support. [Children’s] economic destiny is tied up in early learning. Down the road, if two potential employees walk in the door, one had early learning and one didn’t, it’s probably the one with early learning that has the advantage, that might have a higher skill level.

I was listening to some commentary . . . about companies now that are maybe pulling back, or made announcements about pulling back, on folks being able to work at home. And I hope we don’t go too far in that direction. To have work settings that are most conducive to raising a family, or dealing with some challenges in their own life, that’s the direction we should be headed.

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