U.S. Senator, D - Maryland

Ben Cardin believes government has a duty to improve the lives of all Americans. From expanding access to health care to boosting job growth to making homeownership affordable to improving the environment, Senator Cardin is a recognized leader with a record of legislative success.

First elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006, he currently serves on the Finance, Budget, Foreign Relations, Environment and Public Works, and Small Business committees. The Washington Post has said Ben Cardin has a “command of issues, proven integrity, formidable intellect and an unstinting work ethic.”

Senator Cardin believes access to quality, affordable health care is a right. That’s why he supported the Affordable Care Act, which will provide more than 30 million uninsured Americans with health coverage. In the wake of the death of a 12-year-old Marylander from an untreated tooth infection, he successfully fought to get a guaranteed dental benefit included in the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Senator Cardin also made sure the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act included his provision to provide first-time homebuyers with an $8,000 tax credit along with his provision to help small businesses obtain larger contracts by raising the cap on surety bonds.

He also is a strong champion of protecting our air and water. He has introduced legislation to restore the health of America’s great water bodies – including the Chesapeake Bay. And, he has fought for funding to improve America’s aging water infrastructure system, which would create thousands of new jobs.

In the Senate, Ben Cardin brings the expertise he developed while serving in the House of Representatives. Known for his command of pension and health care legislation, many of his financial proposals have been enacted into law, including: increasing the amount Americans can save for retirement and expanding Medicare to include preventive benefits.