Global Director of Social Mission, Ben & Jerry’s

Rob Michalak is Ben & Jerry's Global Director of Social Mission.  Rob serves on the senior leadership team at Ben & Jerry's. Rob's role is to energize and direct the progressive side of the Company based on the Company’s three-part Mission Statement, which leads off with the preamble that states:

“Ben & Jerry’s is founded on & dedicated to a sustainable corporate concept of linked prosperity.”

With that overarching concept, Rob’s Social Mission role is to initiate innovative ways Ben & Jerry’s can use its business to create positive and progressive social change.

This is Rob's second time around at the Vermont-based ice cream company. He served as Ben & Jerry's "PR Czar" in the company's halcyon growth years from 1989-1998. Rob returned to Ben & Jerry's in June, 2006.  During his two terms, he has also led the Consumer Services team.