Founder and Director; Duke AIDS Legal Project; Director, Southern HIV/AIDS Strategy Initiative

Ms. McAllaster is a clinical professor of law at Duke University and is the founder and director of the Duke AIDS Legal Project and the Duke AIDS Policy Clinic. She is the Director of the Southern HIV/AIDS Strategy Initiative (“SASI”) and co-chair of the North Carolina AIDS Action Network.  She was a litigator in private practice in Durham, NC, for thirteen years prior to joining the Duke Law School faculty in 1988.  She has served as an administrative hearing officer for the N.C. Department of Human Resources and was in the inaugural class of state court arbitrators in Durham, North Carolina in 1987. Professor McAllaster has taught pre-trial and trial advocacy courses in addition to clinical law courses focusing on AIDS and Law.  She has taught trial practice for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, and as an adjunct member of the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and other law schools.  She was a founder and first president of the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys and was appointed by the Governor to serve on the North Carolina AIDS Advisory Council in 1996.  Professor McAllaster is the author of two books, North Carolina Litigation Forms and Analysis and The Law and the Mentally Handicapped in North Carolina, (co-author), as well as several articles or chapters in books, including “Legal Issues for HIV-Infected Children” in Textbook of Pediatric HIV Care (2005) and co-author of “Issues in Family Law for People with HIV” in AIDS and the Law, 4th ed. (current Supplement, 2012). Professor McAllaster is a frequent speaker at Continuing Legal Education programs for attorneys and workshops for non-attorneys in the following areas:  AIDS and the Law, Pre-trial/trial practice; and Women and the Law.