Owner of Badger Creek Farm and Quail Ridge Dairy

Chris and his wife Mary own and operate two dairies near Fort Morgan, Colorado milking a total of 5,300 head.  They employ 75 full time workers, deliver more than 5,000 baby calves a year, and operate a large scale, on-sight veterinary hospital for their dairy herd.  Chris and Mary were general managers for construction on the newest dairy, Quail Ridge Dairy, a state of the art production facility featuring free-stall barns, an innovative waste management system, and a streamlined double 50-milking parlor.  

Chris graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Animal Sciences.  He served under Governor Bill Owens on the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission for six years, and the Morgan County Zoning and Planning Commission for six years.  He is a director for the Fort Morgan Ditch and Reservoir Company and the Jackson Lake Water Company.

He serves as an area Director for Mountain Area Council of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), as well as chairing DFA’s PAT/PAC (political) committee.  Chris also serves on the air-quality task force for DFA, the Western Dairy Association Board and as liaison for DFA to Colorado Livestock Association.

Chris and Mary have two children.  Their daughter Jordan is a research associate for Ventria Bioscience, a Fort Collins, Colorado based biosciences company, and son Stratton is finishing an internship on the S Ranch, a beef and Quarter Horse ranch near Billings, Montana.

Chris Kraft discussing innovation on his farm. (Jim Turley/for The Washington Post)