Chris Policinski
President and CEO, Land O’Lakes

One of the things that we wouldn’t have envisioned all that long ago that’s a reality now is introducing satellite imagery to map the biomass of individual farms. That sounds pretty space age but it’s not. We can go to that farmer and say, “In that section of your land that doesn’t grow well in wet years, here’s ten years of history and this year looks like it’s going to be a wet year. Here’s how you ought to optimize your crop inputs to grow more and to do it in a more sustainable way.”

We’ve tripled corn yields, we’ve tripled wheat yields, we’ve doubled soy yields. Milk production per cow is up three times. It’s an amazing story that needs to continue. A hundred percent of the corn crop in this country, 88 percent of the soybean crop is biotech. It’s not a new technology. It’s tested; it’s regulated; it’s proven. And the impact is amazing, and the most productive farms versus the generation and a half ago, we’re growing six-and-a-half times more corn on 13 percent fewer acres.