August 27, 2012 - David Holt, President of the Consumer Energy Alliance, at Washington Post Live's Energy & the Election breakfast forum at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. (Donald Lynd)


Consumer Energy Alliance

“All the above” has got to be the solution: finding ways that cost-effectively expand the use and diversity of our energy resources, looking at those areas where the wind is blowing a lot and the sun is shining a lot that can develop alternative solar, wind energy.

You have to have natural gas or nuclear as a backup for when the wind is not blowing.

We are in an energy revolution in this country. If you look at all our natural resources, we’re finding new oil deposits, the natural gas revolution that’s occurring in shale all over the country, the technology for energy diversity, the slow but increasingly rapid growth of alternative energies.

We can transform this economy. We can re-industrialize our economy.