Senior Advisor for Mitt Romney

Eric Fehrnstrom has been a key member of Gov. Mitt Romney's team since Romney's winning campaign for the State House in 2002, and is now a senior adviser on the Romney presidential campaign. A Boston native, Fehrnstrom graduated from Boston University and spent nearly a decade as a reporter at the Boston Herald, where he rose to become State House bureau chief. In 1994, he crossed over into politics as a press aide to Massachusetts State Treasurer Joe Malone, but eventually returned to the private sector to become a senior vice president at ad agency Hill Holliday. When Romney arrived back in Massachusetts after the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002, he asked Fehrnstrom to join his campaign for governor as communications director. Fehrnstrom then went to work for the administration as communications director all four years of Romney's term. In the 2008 presidential race, Fehrnstrom was on the road with Romney as his senior traveling aide. He later started The Shawmut Group, a consulting firm, with partners Beth Myers and Peter Flaherty. The group worked most notably on Senator Scott Brown's upset 2010 special election, where Fehrnstrom created the ads that propelled the little-known Brown into the seat once held by Senator Ted Kennedy.

WASHINGTON,DC-APRIL, 28: Mitt Romney's senior campaign adviser Eric Fehrnstrom during a panel discussion at the Washington Post. Balz was the moderator during the Washington Post Live newsmakers event in Washington DC, on April, 2012. (Photo by Juana Arias for The Washington Post) (JUANA ARIAS/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)