Sen. Mark Begich, left, and Gov. Brian Schweitzer at the Energy & the Election breakfast forum at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. (Casey Cunningham/For the Washington Post)



You have a whole lot of rhetoric coming from the Republicans. The rhetoric is always saying: We need to drill more, we need less regulation, get government out of our way. Then when you quadruple the number of drilling rigs and you decrease the oil imports at the fastest rate in recent history, they say — what do they say? Oh yeah, we need less regulation and lower taxes and get the government off our back. So we get results and they say that’s not good enough. They put the bar here; we jump over it, and they say bar, over, bar, over, and then now we’ve got a pole vault.

I was the first governor in America to sign onto the [T. Boone] Pickens plan. Let’s get natural gas to all of our gas stations in America and get our big rigs moving on natural gas. Now, that was six years ago and we’re still talking about it in Washington, D.C.