Chief Economist, Export-Import Bank of China

Dr. Jian-Ye Wang is Chief Economist of the Export-Import Bank of China. He was educated at Peking University, pursued graduate study at Columbia University as a Fulbright Scholar and received his Ph.D. in economics there in 1989. 

Dr. Wang worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1989-2008. While in the IMF, he led IMF policy surveillance and lending missions to countries in various parts of the world. He represented the IMF in the Republic of Georgia (1994-96), various international forums including the Steering Committee of Debt Relief International, UNTADC Debt Management Advisory Committee, the Paris Club, OECD, WTO, Bern Union, and meetings of Asian Export-Import Banks. He was an adjunct professor at Tbilisi Business Academy (1994-96) and gave lectures at Peking University and Japan Center for International Finance (2002-03).