Representative, D - Michigan

John D. Dingell represents Michigan’s Fifteenth Congressional District, which includes parts of Wayne and Washtenaw Counties and all of Monroe County.  On January 5, 2011, Congressman Dingell was officially sworn in for his 29th full term in the U.S. House of Representatives. As the longest serving member of the United States House of Representatives in history, Dingell serves as the Dean of the House. 

Congressman Dingell serves exclusively as a senior member on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over issues pertaining to commerce, energy, environment, health care, consumer product safety and telecommunications.  Dingell sits on all of the Committee’s six subcommittees and votes on the Subcommittee on Health, the Subcommittee on Energy & Power, the Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations, and the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade & Manufacturing.

In 2010, Dingell played a lead role in crafting national health insurance reform legislation, wherein he authored a main component of the law, the Patient’s Bill of Rights.  He also recently authored the landmark food safety reform law, The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, which overhauls the United States’ food safety system by improving the capacity of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and food manufacturers to prevent food safety problems and empowering them to detect and immediately respond to food-borne illness outbreaks.  Furthering his commitment to improving the capacity of the FDA, Dingell authored additional legislation that dramatically improves drug safety by strengthening FDA's ability to monitor drugs after they are on the market.