(Jeffrey MacMillan/for The Washington Post)

Nearly one in three American children are overweight or obese. But after decades of rising rates, we may be turning a corner on the health crisis. Experts across fields gathered at Washington Post Live’s 2013 Childhood Obesity Summit to discuss strategies resulting in healthier children.

Kaseir Archie, Alliance for a Healthier Generation Youth Advisory Board

There are a lot of kids who never walk and they always take the trolley or catch a bus.

For all of high school we basically have one year of gym. We have half in freshman year and half in sophomore year. But then after that you don’t have to do anything physical.

Something you probably can find in a lot of people’s homes is ramen noodles. They’re really cheap and you can get a lot of them for a low price, so a lot of people have them. They’re not really healthy at all. I just tell my mom, “You know, you can look at other options.” She does get string beans, other vegetables. She tries to cook when she can.