Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, National Health Council

Marc M. Boutin, JD, was promoted to Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer on January 1, 2008.  He previously served as NHC Executive Vice President and prior to that as Vice President, Policy Development & Advocacy. In addition to overseeing financial management and operations at the National Health Council, Mr. Boutin builds consensus among member patient advocacy organizations enabling them to speak with one voice on systemic policy initiatives resulting in legislation and regulations that address the collective needs of patients and their family caregivers.

Boutin has been actively involved in health advocacy, policy, and both federal and state legislation throughout his career. He is a board member for the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations and Community Health Charities. He currently serves on the advisory boards for the Council for American Medical Innovation, the Drug Information Association North America, and the Coalition Against Major Diseases. He is a member of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Effective Healthcare Program Stakeholder Group, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Advisory Panel on Access to Health Care, and a panel expert for the National Institutes of Health-funded grant on Protecting Privacy in Health Research.