September 4, 2012 - Senator Mark Begich of Alaska at Washington Post Live's Energy & the Election breakfast forum at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Drea Cunningham)



In Alaska [in the Arctic around the Cook Inlet basin], the biggest complaint is getting a rig. It has now become the biggest problem in oil fields across this country.

Eighty five percent of our revenue stream is from oil and gas, we’ve already set a goal by 2025: 50 percent of our in-use, in-state use of energy will be renewable energy. We’re at 27 percent. We’ll beat every state by 2025 by that kind of statistic.

We do hydro, geothermal. We do wind. We do solar, and we do oil and gas.

People said when Obama got elected, when I got elected in ’08, that the Arctic, that new potential was going to be basically off limits. It’s not going to happen. The reality is in 3 1 / 2 years we’re now moving into the Arctic, an unbelievable potential not only for Alaska but for this country when it comes to oil and gas capacity.