Mark Young, former executive director of the Directorate for Plans and Policy at U.S. Cyber Command, is president of the cyber consulting firm Ronin Analytics. He says cybersecurity processes need to be updated to reflect the information age. (Washington Post Live)

As part of its 2013 Cybersecurity Summit, Washington Post Live convened leading national security officials, industry experts and journalists for conversations addressing cyber risks and the future of cyber defense.

Mark Young, former executive director, Directorate for Plans and Policy at U.S. Cyber Command; president, Ronin Analytics

It seems to me that we still make decisions with a very industrial-age methodology. We wanted to share information, coordinate. It just seems we need to update our processes and our structures to the information age. I think we in the United States, we invented the information age — so I think we ought to be able to benefit from it the fastest.

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