Senior Fellow and Director, Metropolitan Infrastructure Initiative, Brookings Institution

Robert’s work focuses on the broad array of policies and issues related to metropolitan growth and development including transportation and infrastructure, urban planning, growth management, suburban issues, and smart cities.

Prior to joining Brookings, Robert was the director of infrastructure programs at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Virginia where he served on the Alumni Advisory Board, and is an affiliated professor with Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute.

He serves on a variety of boards and committees including, most recently, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, the Tysons Corner Tomorrow Advisory Task Force, and the Falls Church, Virginia Planning Commission where he lives with his wife and three sons.

Recent publications include: The Intersection of Place and the Next Economy, A Path to Public Private Partnerships for Infrastructure, Moving Past Gridlock: A Proposal for a Two-Year Transportation Law, A Memo to the President: Invest in Long-Term Prosperity, Investing for Success: Examining a Federal Capital Budget and a National Infrastructure Bank, A Bridge to Somewhere: Rethinking American Transportation for the 21st Century, Challenges Ahead: New Urban Demographics, A Review of the Land Use Regulations in the Nation’s 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas, Prosperity at Risk: Toward a Competitive New Jersey, and One Fifth of the Nation: A Profile of Change in America’s First Suburbs.

He is a frequent speaker to a variety of groups, a regular contributor in newspapers and other media, and has testified before Congressional committees.