Following a fictional cyber attack war game at Washington Post Live's 2013 Cybersecurity Summit, former high level officials -- including former deputy secretary of Homeland Security Jane Lute, former FBI Cyber Division deputy assistant director Steve Chabinsky, former National Intelligence General Counsel Ben Powell and former deputy director of Naval Intelligence Terry Roberts -- offer real life lessons about the future of cyber attacks and defense. (Washington Post Live)

As part of its 2013 Cybersecurity Summit, Washington Post Live convened leading national security officials, industry experts and journalists for conversations addressing cyber risks and the future of cyber defense.

Steve Chabinsky, former deputy assistant director, FBI Cyber Division; chief risk officer, CrowdStrike

You have traditional lines of business that really never did have to worry about security before and so they’re really unprepared. The government really has to figure out: How do you stop the bad guys here? We’ve figured out in the private-sector world how to professionalize security services that work with, not against, law enforcement. I think that’s an area to explore. How do you bring the private sector in a professionalized way to help with security?

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