Director, Alliance to End Hunger

Three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Ambassador Tony P. Hall is a leading advocate for hunger relief programs and improving human rights conditions in the world.


Tony Hall retired from official diplomatic service in April 2006, and is currently serving as the executive director of the Alliance to End Hunger which engages diverse institutions in building the public and political will to end hunger at home and abroad. The Alliance has more than 75 members: corporations, non-profit groups, universities, individuals, and Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious bodies.


WASHINGTON, DC. JUNE 14, 2012: Future of Food, panelists: Sonny Ramaswamy, Director, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA ,Tony Hall, Director, Alliance to End Hunger, at the Washington Post conference center in Washington, DC on June 14, 2012 . ( Photo by Jeffrey MacMillan ) (Jeffrey MacMillan/ For The Washington Post/JEFFREY MACMILLAN)

In February 2002, President George W. Bush appointed him to serve as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture.


Prior to diplomatic service, Ambassador Hall represented the Third District of Ohio in the U.S. Congress for almost 24 years, their longest serving representative in history. During his tenure, he was chairman of the House Select Committee on Hunger and the Democratic Caucus Task Force on Hunger. He founded the Congressional Friends of Human Rights Monitors, and authored legislation that supported food aid, child survival, basic education, primary health care, micro-enterprise and development assistance in the world’s poorest countries. Ambassador Hall also founded and chaired the Congressional Hunger Center, a non-governmental organization committed to ending hunger through training and educational programs for emerging leaders.