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Washington Post

VR Room

Welcome to the Washington Post's Virtual Reality "Room" -- our hub for hosting 360° images, optimized for use with smartphones in a Google Cardboard headset.
Photo credit for all 360° panoramic images: Bill O'Leary, Washington Post staff photographer.

To get started

  • Tap the first image below to activate the 360° player.
  • Then insert your mobile device in the headset, with content facing the viewer, to begin the experience.
  • Place the viewer on your eyes and navigate the experience by moving your head around, as if you were in the actual image!
  • When you are ready to move to the next experience, remove the headset from your face and quickly tilt the headset forward and then back -- this should be a quick flicking motion. You will continue this to get through our entire 360°​ offering.
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