The Washington Post has launched "Midterms Cheat Sheet with Hannah Jewell,” a nine-edition series of short, political videos that will appear in the company’s Publisher Story on Snapchat’s Discover page. Hosted by The Washington Post’s Hannah Jewell and produced by Grace Raver, the videos will be featured every Tuesday leading up to Election Day.

“With the launch of this series within our Publisher Story, we will cover some of the top political issues shaping the upcoming election in quick, digestible videos,” said Coleen O’Lear, Editorial Director of Emerging News Products at The Post. “Hannah’s first-person delivery and high-quality visuals together create an engaging presentation to help inform voters on the Snapchat platform.”

Today’s video features original interviews with Parkland students as Jewell explores the issue of gun control. Other recent episodes addressed whether 2018 will be another ‘year of the woman’ with the current landscape of female candidates and how one’s vote may affect student education and debt. Future videos will cover topics including gun immigration and marijuana.

To view the series, subscribe to The Washington Post’s Publisher Story on Snapchat.