The Washington Post has launched a news industry-first web-based augmented reality story using Apple’s latest AR Quicklook technology. With the release of iOS 12, The Post’s latest AR object, a six-foot-long triceratops skull, can be examined directly on mobile web giving users access to an immersive experience without installing an app.

“The Post has been able to publish incredible AR stories, but until now they’ve been limited to native apps on mobile devices,” said Jeremy Gilbert, director of strategic initiatives for The Post. “We are thrilled this experience has come to the web, making it easier for Apple users who come to our mobile website to engage with our unique storytelling.”

When viewing the web article, users can point their phone at a floor space and begin exploring a 3D model of a mysterious dinosaur skull before it is on exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. The AR object was captured using photogrammetry and creates visually dynamic views of different angles of a triceratops fossil including a raised bump and frill holes that make this fossil unlike other known triceratops.